The Chamber of Commerce of Seville (CCSEV) is a non-profit Public Corporation established by Law as an advisory body to collaborate with Public Authorities, to which it represents the general interest of the companies in the region. CCSEV promotes services to business including internationalization, innovation and entrepreneurship and employment, in close collaboration with the Regional Government of Andalusia. The Chamber of Commerce of Seville has also a wide training programme addressed to companies, entrepreneurs, professionals, employees and unemployed including young people. Moreover, the Chamber of Commerce of Seville manages its own Business School and a private University (EUSA, located in Seville. CCSEV has developed several mobility programs in the Framework of different European projects under the regional ESF (Programa de Becas de Movilidad en la UE, La Cultura Motor de Empleo), Leonardo and also experimental mobility programs funded by ENPI CBC MED, (MED-MOBIL, having a wide experience with students in Europe where the Chamber of Seville has coordinated numerous mobilities for many years. Additionally, CCSEV was granted with the quality price to the best “Leonardo Da
Vinci – Transfer of Innovation” project in 2015 (SMART,

The Student Mobility SLU is an SME that focuses in student mobility, supporting international students to go abroad and connecting companies, students and universities. They organize internship programs in Spain, Italy and The USA, working as recruitment organization for many companies in different fields.
Therefore, they have a vast knowledge of student needs when going abroad, focusing in offering a quality experience for students, as well as providing companies young talents that can bring new ideas and value. The Student Mobility SLU despite its recent creation, has acquired the company Spain Internship SC who has cooperated in mobility programs since 2010, being a private partner of many universities, supporting their students to move abroad. They organize every year more than 2000 placements for companies in Spain and send hundred of students to USA or Europe.

ECTE – European Center in Training for Employment is certified by the Ministry of Education as Educational Center for Continuous Education, as well as guidance for employment center. The educational programs that ECTE develops and implements are targeting in the adaptation of the working force to the transformations of the technological, socio-economic and physical environment, the promotion of regional development, the improvement of the existing and the acquisition of new qualifications, and the exchange of experience and know-how in national and international level.The main activity areas are the planning and elaboration of projects for the development of human resources, which integrate innovation and European dimension, are based on dynamic partnerships and pursue synergy and quality in results. The activity sectors are:Implementation of training programmes.Training material – training modules development.Elaboration of researches and studies (training need analysis, market researches) related to the needs of the labour marketPlanning and development of international European projects related with the local development, employment and social cohesion.

North Karelia Municipal Education and Training Consortium (PKKY) is the organization whose main function is to provide qualified vocational education in the county of North Karelia. The mission of PKKY is to develop vocational expertise for the benefit of North Karelia, taking both the working life and the individual into consideration. They support student’s learning also by common nonvocational education and support working life and the regional development by improving all branches of industries in North Karelia. Teaching and development with the community’s, also vitality and the possibilities of its inhabitants are arranged by the cooperation with our interest groups. The organization functions on the basis of the “Development document” where one of the crucial parts of the vision, mission and strategy is the internationalisation by all of its aspects. International projects with numerous partner countries, on-the-job learning abroad, exchange programmes for the teachers, and other international operations are all support the system within the frame of sustainable development. North Karelia Municipal Education and Training Consortium (PKKY) has over 27 years of experience with EU and international programmes. They also have international contact and similar activities worldwide.

Created in 1985, the Polytechnic of Porto (P.PORTO) is the largest and the most dynamic Polytechnic in the country, occupying the first position in the ranking of the Polytechnic Higher Education. In conjunction with major universities, it is also placed in the upper reaches of the ranking of National Higher Education. The P.PORTO considers its mission to lead Polytechnic subsystem in Portugal, taking its social responsibility to the community and society, in a referential international frame, demanding therefore excellence. Over the past 30 years, the P.PORTO has built and solidify a universe composed of various units and services. The (8) Schools constitute the dynamic axis of an open, challenging and multicultural community and turned a complex of modern labs and equipment into living entities. The Schools are the link between three Campuses, 30 research centers, more than 18,500 students, 68 undergraduate degrees and 60 masters’ degrees. P.PORTO is part of a large network of Higher Education Institutions worldwide, having more than 700 cooperation agreements in the 28 member states of European Union, Norway, Island, Liechtenstein, Turkey, Switzerland, Brazil, Bosnia, Senegal, Mozambique, Macau, Japan, S. Tomé and Principe, Ukraine, Angola, Russia, South Korea, Serbia, Paraguay, Argentina and the United States. In recent years, P.PORTO has particularly strengthened cooperation with Brazil, where it has more than 60 partners.

Saynova is a French company founded in 2006 as a consultancy firm. It has changed its business in 2016 to become an Internet application startup company, with a workforce of 6 employees (4 of which in the process of becoming full time employees) and 4 trainees. They are building Internet platforms to support the current revolution in the Work environment (Work 3.0), and in particular in the following projects:
– Daylindo, to promote the personal improvement routines (do instead of just read) at a personal level (B2C), or professionally (fix the learnings of a training session, B2B);
– People Flare, an end-to-end ERP for freelancing management (from Freelancers to Client).

Daylindo B2C was launched in January 2018, and they expect to launch Daylindo B2B and People Flare by the end of 2018. Saynova is experienced in developing and creating ICT solutions and online tools for the education and competences fields and is willing to develop and increase its projects at a European level first and then internationally. Its main challenge is to give a fair role to technology and prioritize individuals and entities.

TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS is a Certification Body offering third party services in the areas of Technical Inspections, Audits, Certifications and Training. It has been operating in Greece since 1994 and is a 100% subsidiary company of the Austrian Inspection and Certification Organization TÜV AUSTRIA established in 1872 in Vienna. TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS was the first subsidiary to be founded outside Austria. Its headquarters are located in Athens, has branch offices in Northern Greece (Thessaloniki), Southern Greece (Heraklion,
Crete) and North Aegean Region (Mytilene), as much as affiliated offices in other countries besides Greece, in Cyprus (Nicosia), Turkey (Istanbul), Jordan (Amman), Egypt (Cairo) and Albania (Tirana). It is an accredited Inspection and Certification Body by the Hellenic Accreditation System (ESYD S.A, active member of MLA) according to the Standards ISO/IEC 17065, ISO/IEC 17020, ISO/IEC 17021, ISO/IEC 17024 and to the EMAS regulation and a notified body in the European Union (Notification Number 0906). It has adopted a business methodology which incorporates years of valuable experience and a vision of providing optimal level of quality implementation throughout its scope of business activities.


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